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Registration is Now Open for 2017 On Ice Shooting Programs


My On-Ice Shooting Programs are unlike any other. These programs have been designed for players, girls and boys, who have already taken my individualized Shooting Lessons. We have four different On-Ice Programs.

  1. Summer — Scott Bjugstad Elite Shooting School
    This program has 2 levels, Level 1 - Squirt-1st year Pewees and Level 2 - 2nd year peewees-First year Bantams. In this program we work on all of the shots that were covered in the off-Ice shooting lessons, including competitive situational shooting and scoring drills.

  2. Summer — Scott Bjugstad Advanced Shooting Program
    This program is more intense, with competitive game situation shooting and scoring drills. We also work on specific shots and techniques that are needed to score on higher level goalies. In order to register for an Advanced High school session you must
    1. Have been in an Advanced Session prior to this year.
    2. Call Scott Bjugstad and be ok'd to register. 651-770-5090.
  3. Spring — Best of Both World's Shooting and Skating Camp This new camp will combine 45 minutes of intense Skating with Diane Ness Pro Edge Skating School & 45 Minutes of intense Shooting & Scoring Techniques and drills with Scott Bjugstad Shooting School. Registration will be on a first come first serve basis

  4. Fall — Best of Both Worlds Shooting and Skating Camp (to register go to
    Our fall symposium at St. Croix Valley Rec Center is going to bring together the best hockey has to offer! Skaters will get a full weekend of skating, shooting, puck handling, and strength training. Each skater will be able to learn and develop skills right before tryouts and the hockey season. The camp will be held in historic Stillwater, which offers plenty of activities for parents and families staying from out of town. Small group sessions will be available for squirts through high school skaters.

Both the Elite and Advanced High School Programs run twice a week every other week for 90 minutes per session (from start date to end date). Each training session will be different.

What we will work on in these programs:

  • Catching passes
  • Snap shots (all kinds)
  • Slapshots
  • One timers
  • Wrist shots (all kinds)
  • Understanding goalie movements
  • Backhands (all kinds)
  • Break aways
  • Shooting under pressure
  • Mental toughness

Click here for further information on costs or here for further information on clinic dates.