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Registration is Now Open for 2019 On Ice Shooting Programs


2019: All lessons include a Shooting Program that will guide you through the first 5 months after your lesson

1 to 4 players per session

These lessons consist of (2) – 60 minute sessions. The first part of the first session is a stick-fitting program. I will explain every aspect of the stick; stick length, nob size, importance of tape, lie, curve and stiffness of stick will be explained.

I will then do various testing, and at the end of the first session players will know exactly the stick they should be using. Also, in that first session I will go over new techniques for catching passes and two basic shots; wrist shot, pull wrist shot. The second session will cover up to four more advanced shots; backhand, backhand snap shot, pull snap shot and slapshot. These are the shots that are most frequently and effectively used as players progress in their hockey careers. Throughout these sessions I will also explain specifically what type of mind set is needed to be an effective and consistent goal scorer.

Equipment needed: Gloves, game sticks, skates, helmet, elbow pads, sweats, t-shirt and sweatshirt

Very Important - Please Read!
Off-Ice Shooting Lessons must be completed before players can participate in the On-Ice Shooting Program.

Lessons are done all year round in Lake Elmo, MN. For more information please email or call Scott Bjugstad at 651-770-5090.

Online Scheduling

To set up lessons - go to my website and click on the online scheduling button or download my Free Scheduling App onto your phone, called Scott Bjugstad. It will give you all of the Dates and Times available and you can schedule and pay online.

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